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Prefatory Note and Caveat
A Bit About Me and How I Got Into This Whole Field

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The intent of this page is twofold:

You will find sections devoted to each topic below... Enjoy!

A Caveat About the Intent of this Site

A brief note as of July 20, 2006:
Due to the unexpected and very high level of interest in the latest generation of my devices using this Coherent Space technology across a wide range of potential users, we have started to produce limited quantities of these prototype PoP devices to make them available for serious experimenters and researchers. Thus, while this is not primarily a sales site, we are, at this early stage in the release of this generation of the technology, willing and able to make small quantities of these prototype PoP devices available to interested parties. Thus, if you are either a) an individual who wishes to acquire a device for personal research, personal use and evaluation, or b) a commercial researcher and development (R&D) lab or an OEM, and you are interested in procuring a device, then you will wish to see the Prototype Products page on this site.

I wish to explain up front that this is not a sales site, whether for my consulting services, my R&D work, or for PoP prototype devices, and rather, the primary intention of this site is merely to provide some information on the interesting phenomena of NCI and coherent spaces, and to offer some background and reference information on my consulting and R&D services. As such, this site is aimed primarily at experimenters (including those who may not have formal degrees but who are committed to experimenting with ways to increase levels of vitality, love and flow in life), researchers and OEMs, and will primarily be of use to such persons or entities. This is not primarily a sales site, largely because I realize that my primary mission on earth is not to produce products nor to market them. While I do have a healthy sense of respect and appreciation for those people and companies who produce and market things in life, whether they be books, websites, computers, telephones, brooms, dog food, cars, buses, airplanes, desks, lamp bulbs or health services, I happen to have a pretty good sense of my path in life, and my path is primarily that of a researcher and educator -- I see my path as primarily bringing information and options for greater health, fun and vitality to people, rather than that of producing and marketing products. I do produce at times a very small and limited quantity of Proof-of-Principle prototype devices -- sometimes entire Coherent Space devices and sometimes specialized and exotic components as the exotic antennas used in such devices -- to allow researchers, developers and OEMs to have a chance to see, feel and play with -- and to evaluate for themselves -- the performance of such devices in any of a wide variety of applications and settings, and also to play with their own tweaks and fine-tunings for such technologies. For commercial R&D entities and for OEMs, liberal licensing arrangements are readily available for the devices and for the specialized exotic components.

A Bit About Me and How I Got into This Whole Field!

For purposes of clarity, this section is divided into two sub-sections, to be found below.

A Bit About My Background
My name is Vinny. I have had a life which has zig-zagged across many fields and many careers. I had an electronics and science lab in my bedroom at age five, and was a ham radio operator before the age of ten. Despite all these left-brained interests, I also received inner guidance at an early age to fully explore the worlds of mysticism and meditation, and thus I spent long days from age 13 onward in metaphysical and mystical bookstores in large cities on the East Coast. I started a practice of daily meditation at about age 14, and never stopped. I eventually studied mysticism, spiritual opening and meditation with many teachers and at many centers and monasteries -- across many traditions, including Zen, yoga, Chi Kung (aka qi gong), Buddhism and Christian mysticism -- from age twenty until well into my forties.

On my first pass through university-level studies, back in the 1970s, I studied the sciences, astrophysics and primarily electronics engineering. After a long stint working with UHF and microwave weak-signal recovery, I then spent many years away from the university environment, working largely as an electronics design engineer and performing research on atmospheric and geophysical electromagnetic phenomena, particularly at VLF, ELF and LF frequencies. In the late 1980s, I embarked upon a long doctoral graduate training program in clinical psychology. After a few years, I decided that the field was not for me (not enough spirit and heart in it...) and I switched to a very broad graduate program in the health sciences and in scientific experimental design and statistical analysis (I know, it sounds really nerdy, doesn't it?), and eventually earned a grad degree in both realms (health sciences and research/statistical methodology.) I then spent a year in a graduate-level acupuncture training program.

During my last few years in grad school and my year in the acupuncture grad program, I also did some work as an energy healer and intuitive, and for a few years even taught -- up and down the East Coast -- an energy testing and healing system which I had developed. By 1992, I had finished my grad programs, and I returned, for the first time in many years, to the "outside" world, albeit with a lot of debt load from my many years spent in graduate school! I then spent eight years in the corporate world, working for a behavioral care company (one of the largest in the world) leading a department which performed studies on behavioral healthcare patterns, quality of care and effectiveness of care for our behavioral healthcare clients. In the year 2000, I left the corporate world, and since then, I have worn several hats, primarily working in the following realms:
That brief chronology takes us pretty much up to mid-2006, where the section below will pick up...

How I Got Into This Whole Field

As I mention elsewhere on this site, I have been doing research (including laboratory-based research) in the entire field of "subtle energies", "scalar" fields, and "quantum noise quieting" or "quantum coherence" devices which seem to ameliorate harmful effects of EMF fields from modern manmade technology since 1974. And, I have, at times, designed and built various devices in my lab for the purposes of producing local-field quantum coherence, or local-field quantum noise reduction, or, as I often love to phrase it, to facilitate the "restoration of coherent space." However, my latest return to this field happened only a few weeks ago, in late June 2006, and I kinda feel that I was dragged back into this realm by inner guidance and by Spirit; I will tell you a bit more of the odd story below. . .

I write this on Wednesday July 19th, 2006. I have been mulling how best to tell you -- the site visitor -- exactly how I got involved in this field again at this time, because I kinda feel that I was dragged into it by Holy Spirit and my angels, and the whole story all sounded a bit too flaky and fuzzy and even "New Agey" to me! However, I had an inspiration this afternoon, after penning an email response to some feedback about the devices to a young industrial chemist named Rick in Missouri who had been one of the first purchasers of three of the PoP prototype devices of this latest generation of my quantum noise quieting technology. Since Rick had at earlier times been a consulting client of mine, when he called me last week to ask if he might purchase three of the Coherent Space devices (the personal key fob device, the automobile device, and the home/office device), I agreed to sell them to him, but had extracted a promise in return that he would send me a written feedback report after he had owned and used the devices for three months. In getting him to promise to offer me feedback, I made extremely clear that I simply wished to receive honest feedback, and that I had no vested interest in whether the feedback was positive, neutral or negative; I simply do not tolerate marketing hype and dislike it intensely when others do it. Rick agreed to my request, and he promptly sent his rather sizeable payment for the three devices.

Well, I shipped the first two (the two smaller ones) of his devices on Monday, sending them to Rick in care of his employer at his work address, and I duly noted that I received an email from UPS about midday today advising me that the package had been delivered to the commercial laboratory where Rick is employed. Well, about five hours later, Rick "spammed" several of my email list groups (groups devoted to raw foods diets, to beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), and to psychophysiological coherence, aka "heart coherence"), with an email post offering very glowing and highly positive feedback about his experiences with the two small devices, even though he had only had them on the premises of his office for a few hours!  I must admit that I was puzzled that he could and would offer feedback so quickly, and so publicly, and also feedback that was so positive. And so, I quickly wrote him a private note, asking him if he had perhaps been joking in saying all the extremely positive things which he had written in his letter (you may see his letter on the Feedback page on this site, if you wish), although I have never known him to "fake" such responses in the past. Rick quickly responded to my private query, and assured me that his glowing appraisal of the effects of the devices had been entirely honest and real, and he even suggested that he might wish to start a small company to produce the entire line of my devices on a large scale and mass-market them (precisely the kind of activities that I have zero appetite for, but I am glad that others do!) He also mentioned that from the moment he had learned of the devices, he had felt guided by inner guidance, what he called Spirit, to acquire three of them. Well, I was so moved by Rick's mention of guidance from Spirit that I sat down and wrote him a rather lengthy letter in reply, finally telling him a more complete version of the story of how I had become involved once again in this field of "quantum noise quieting" technologies. I have reproduced that letter below -- minus just one tiny part which contained some proprietary information -- in case you wish to learn more about how and why I chose this time to jump back into this field:

Dear Rick:

I just saw your "feedback" note, which you sent to several of my list groups to which you belong, and thanks for your reassurance that you were not joking or exaggerating. I must confess that I am a bit amazed. Frankly, I did not expect to hear any significant feedback from you for at least 2-3 months, as I figured that would be a suitable length for a fair trial period... In any case, I must admit that I am impressed that you felt the effects so quickly, and that they were so noticeable (although I must say that Sue and I now have far more energy and need less sleep now that these devices are running in our house...)! Well, all I can say to you is that you should find the effects from the large home/office active Coherent Space device -- when it arrives next week -- to be even more powerful and it will also cover a far wider range. I must confess again that I am still somewhat in shock over your rapid feedback and your very positive report. All I can say is "thank you"! Your feedback is much appreciated and it validates what I have been doing in my lab over the years, and particularly over the past two and a half weeks!

By the way, as you know, I tend to be a very much NOT "New Agey" and am also a zero-hype person, and thus I now feel free to share with you some things that I did not feel comfortable sharing when we talked on the fone the other day when you had called seeking to order three of the prototype PoP devices, as it could have sounded way too much like marketing hype or sales nonsense if I had shared the story at the time -- you know, the New Age high pressure marketing-type stuff! Anyway, now that you have received the first two devices, I feel safer sharing what I did not share with you earlier, and so, here goes:

As you know, while I have worked with such subtle "quantum" energies and "quantum noise protective devices" since 1974, I had not done much work in this area recently; I think the last time I really spent much time on these devices in my lab was about 18 months ago, about the time that Sue first arrived from Australia. And, as you know, I have totally surrendered my life and each moment to serve Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart in this world. So, about two weeks ago, while I was in meditation and in surrender to Divinity, Holy Spirit asked me to go into my lab and create a whole new generation of these quantum noise quieting, aka "quantum coherence" devices, far more powerful than I had ever come up with before, and advised me that one benefit of my doing the work on creating the newer generation of the technology -- and for taking the time and effort to "download" all the needed guidance and information from Holy Spirit and my angels to do so -- would be that I would enjoy far more energy and a far higher level of vitality than I have been accustomed to, and would even need far less sleep each night, as the harmful effects of EMF would be ameliorated to a far greater degree in my body than before; please bear in mind here that I already own and use three Clarus devices, a Clarus ClearWave clock, a Clarus AC power strip, and a Clarus QLink pendant, and thus I had my doubts as to whether I would see any new benefits from the latest generation of my quantum quieting technology.

And, Spirit advised me further that while in the past I had largely created such technologies via trial-and-error due to my own meddling, fumbling, tinkering and experiments in the lab, this time Holy Spirit and the angels were willing to teach me -- in a matter of a few hours spent in meditation each day across eight days -- exactly how to create devices that would be far more powerful, clean, effective and "harmless" (i.e., no nasty side-effects) than "any other devices available anywhere in the world" (gee, I sure had my doubts after hearing that last bit...! I am not a fan of extreme statements or of hyperbole, and so I was a bit suspicious!) Of course, I was reminded, it helped a lot that I have a massive background in electronics engineering, physics, and astrophysics, that I am a spiritual healer and an intuitive, and that I have a laboratory full of tons of R&D gear such as broadband oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, signal detectors, radiation monitors, data recording software, and tons of biophysics and electronics prototyping components, much of it left over from some R&D work I was doing a few years ago in the field of psychophysical coherence, aka "heart coherence".) I was further told by Holy Spirit that in return for the information which would be shared with me, I was simply being asked to build some devices (four to six in total) for our home and for use (car and personal) by myself and Sue, and to make the devices available for limited sale to some research-oriented customers (I was even given exact suggestions as to pricing), and to be willing to share the full design info with any vendors/OEMs if they wished (in return, of course, for a fee to help support my work here.)

Well, I listened to all this, and I agreed, although I had some doubts, as I could not believe that it could all be so easy and "easeful". Well, in hindsight, it WAS easy and easeful, and graceful, and rather magical. And, I also now enjoy a far higher level of health, alertness and clarity than I have in many years, and need far less sleep than I did until two weeks ago. However, Rick, I had no idea that other people would also respond so quickly or so strongly to these devices!

So, bottom line is that I am extremely grateful that you appear to be already noticing the effects! I am not at all easily impressed, but I must say that I am a bit impressed in this case!

with care,

(End of letter to Rick. To see his original post offering feedback on the devices, please go to the Feedback page on this site.)

A Brief Guide to this Site

In recognition of the fact that visitors to this website will be spread across a very wide range of understanding, experience, familiarity, and degree of interest, this site offers the following pages and sections which may help to orient you, and which may help you to find what you may be looking for, as follows:

Please note: This material is offered solely for educational and informational purposes. Any technologies or devices mentioned on this page are experimental prototypes only, produced for the sole purposes of research and Proof of Principle evaluation by professional or individual researchers or experimenters. The reader understands that the author is not engaged in rendering health or medical advice or services.  The site owner and authors provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that people act on it at their own risk and with full knowledge that they should consult with licensed primary care medical professionals for any medical assistance they may need.  The author(s) of the material presented on this site are neither medical nor nutritional professionals.

The statements on this site about these technologies have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and/or technologies mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are ill, please contact a licensed healthcare practitioner.
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