Some Background on Concepts: Coherent SpaceTM
and Non-Coherent Interference!
Brief Introduction and Explanation of Terms


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A brief note as of July 20, 2006: Due to the unexpected and very high level of interest in the latest generation of my devices using this Coherent Space technology across a wide range of potential users, we have started to produce limited quantities of these prototype PoP devices to make them available for serious experimenters and researchers. Thus, while this is not primarily a sales site, we are, at this early stage in the release of this generation of the technology, willing and able to make small quantities of these prototype PoP devices available to interested parties. Thus, if you are either a) an individual who wishes to acquire a device for personal research, personal use and evaluation, or b) a commercial researcher and development (R&D) lab or an OEM, and you are interested in procuring a device, then you will wish to see the Prototype Products page on this site.

As you may have already noted on the home page, this is a website largely intended to provide information for consulting clients, prospective clients and OEMs in the field of technologies intended to allow or facilitate the existence of an increased order of coherence in local space (i.e., environments such as rooms, bedrooms, homes, workspaces such as office or industrial floorspace) and facilitating the restoration of what I will call Coherent SpaceTM, particularly in light of a modern phenomena which I tend to call by the name "Non-Classical Interference", aka NCI.

Much as mentioned on the home page, this website offers information about a technology which appears to effectively reduce the harmful subtle energy components of manmade EMF, sometimes called electrostress, and also reduce the harmful subtle energy components emitted by some naturally-occurring sources as well (i.e., so-called geopathic energies, aka geopathic stress.) Further, the technology appears to reduce the effects of these stressors or irritants on humans, animals, and on sensitive electronic equipment ranging from high-end audio and video recording and playback systems to weak-signal communications equipment and digital computers. These harmful subtle energy components of manmade EMF and some naturally-occurring fields have sometimes been known by any of the following names:
  • quantum noise
  • quantum incoherence
  • quantum level noise
  • chaotic subtle energy
  • chaotic energy
  • electromagnetic noise
  • electromagnetic chaos
  • electromagnetic smog
  • electrosmog
  • electrostress
  • electropollution
  • subtle energy noise
  • pathogenic energies
  • pathogenic subtle energy
  • EMF interference (this term is very vague and broad, and could mean any out of a wide array of phenomena...!)
  • EMF smog
  • EMF pollution
  • EMI, or electromagnetic interference (this term is very vague and very broad, and can indicate any of many phenomena...!)
  • geopathic energies
  • geopathic stress
  • geopathic zones
  • geopathic disturbances
  • geostress
  • bad qi or "bad chi"
  • DOR energy (this is a term often used by students of the bodywork/energy work systems of Wilhelm Reich)
  • bad feng shui energy or negative feng shi energy (to me, this term is very broad and can include many and varied phenomena)
A variety of technologies has emerged over the years which are claimed to partially or fully ameliorate these irritant or stressor properties of these fields upon living beings (i.e., biosystems or psychophysiological systems) or upon sensitive electronic equipment. These ameliorative or noise-reduction effects have been know under any and all of the following names:
  • quantum noise quieting
  • quantum noise reduction
  • quantum level noise reduction
  • quantum coherence inducing
  • quantum coherence induction
  • quantum resonance
  • quantum coherence restoration
  • quantum smoothing
  • quantum quieting
  • EMF stabilization
  • EMF interference removal (yes, I know, this one is plenty vague...!)
  • EMF smog removal
  • EMF smog reduction
  • EMF protection (ouch... yes, I know this one is incredibly vague...!)
  • EMF chaos elimination 
  • EMF area protection (again, as with several of the above terms, this one is very vague...!)
  • electrosmog removal
  • electromagnetic chaos elimination
  • electromagnetic smog removal
  • chaotic energy reduction
  • subtle energy noise reduction
  • subtle energy smoothing
  • negative entropy effect, aka negentropic, anti-entropic, or syntropic
  • geopathic stress clearing
  • geostress clearing
  • geopathic energy neutralization
  • environmental clearing (yes, this one is very broad and very vague....!)

Some people seem to be far more sensitive to the effects of fields emitted by manmade electrical and electronic devices (i.e., PCs, appliances, cell phones, motors) and systems (the AC power grid, TV and radio broadcasting signals, cell phone signals, etc.) than others. Some of the terms which have been coined by healthcare professionals and by sufferers alike to describe for such highly-sensitive persons and patterns of response have been:
  • Electromagnetic Sensitivity (ES)
  • Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)
  • Electrosensitivity (ES)
  • Electrical Hypersensitivity
  • Electro-Hypersensitivity
  • EMF Sensitivity (ES)
  • EMF Hypersensitivity
  • EMF-related fatigue
  • Electrosupersensitivity
  • Video Operator Distress Syndrome (VODS)
  • RF Sensitivity
Further, many people with any of the following syndromes or diagnoses also seem to report heighthened sensitivity to EMF and related fields:
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
  • chronic Lyme Disease
  • fibromyalgia
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) 
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
And, some of the better-known brands of technologies and devices which have been marketed for the purposes of protecting humans and animals from these harmful subtle energies are and have been:
  • Energia® neutralization devices
  • Pulsor products, originally developed by the late Dr. George Yao
  • Clarus QLink (aka Q-Link) pendants, using Sympathetic Resonance Technology, aka SRT 
  • Clarus products such as the Clear Wave devices
  • Quantum  Products
  • EMF Shield 
  • EarthCalmTM
  • Bioelectric Shield
  • Q pendants, also QE and Q2 pendants and products
  • Aulterra products
  • AegisGuard Radiation Shield
  • Teslar watches, developed in part by the late Dr. Andrija Puharich
  • Earth Calm protective devices
  • Quantum Life products
  • Electromagnetic Chaos Eliminator
  • Springlife Polarizers
  • Rejuvenizer® line, created by Dr. Phyllis Light
  • Rayonex devices
  • HarmonizersTM by Slim Spurling
  • Biopro protective products
  • Tesla Purple Energy Shield™, aka Psychotronic Takyon EMF Protection Device
  • Flanagan Earth Resonance Generator, aka ERG (this device was produced and marketed in the late 1970s and early 1980s by Dr. Patrick Flanagan)
Perhaps the best way to briefly explain some of these concepts is to remind you that many people feel that various modern manmade electrical and electronic systems and devices -- ranging from telephony and power hardwire transmission systems to radio and TV signals to motors and electronic appliances -- unintentionally emit fields which are claimed to adversely affect humans, animals and the performance of communications equipment and other electronic equipment. Some modest portion of this claimed adverse effect -- particularly that acting upon technological equipment such as computers, telecommunications signals and communications equipment -- may be explained by the presence of stray Hertzian electromagnetic fields, electrical fields or magnetic fields, much of which may -- if needed -- be ameliorated or attenuated via judicious use of RF shielding or magnetic shielding, and indeed, much of the aforementioned effects are often labeled as "radio-frequency interference", aka RFI, or "electromagnetic interference" aka EFI.

However, a good portion of the claimed adverse effects of fields from manmade electrical and electronic systems and equipment are often claimed to be due to fields which are not normally classified as FRI or EFI, and instead, these effects are often attributed to non-Hertzian "stray noise" or chaotic fields -- fields and effects which are not easily predicted nor explained by traditional classical physics -- which are believed to be produced by manmade equipment; it further appears that this non-classical-RFI and non-classical-EFI type of noise or interference does not appear to be reduced nor attenuated at all by conventional methods of shielding against stray electromagnetic interference. Many researchers and writers believe that this phenomena and its effects, while subtle, are very pervasive in our modern world, due to the plethora of electrical and electrical equipment and signals which blanket the entire surface of our planet.

Now first, in light of some of the terms which I have listed above, allow me to say that I have nothing against invoking the concepts, including the models and hypotheses, of quantum physics to help to conceptualize these non-classical types of fields and their effects. In fact, I have been known to invoke terms, models and hypotheses from quantum physics myself when attempting to try to communicate my personal understanding and sense of these phenomena, and I even jump at times from babbling about restoring coherence or even non-Gaussianity to the time-space foam, to mumbling about concepts such as the many-worlds theories of quantum mechanics, brane cosmology and braneworlds, superspace, and even concepts such as stochastic resonance in non-linear systems. However, I have also been heard to air concepts borrowed more from the realm of chaos theory, and I can be heard mumbling at times about strange attractors, nonlinear systems and patterns in chaos which really embody a transcendent order.  The reality is that I believe that these effects -- while they can be partially explained by some of the models extant in quantum physics -- lie squarely in the realm of subquantum physics, also known as subquantum mechanics. And, lets be real: the field of subquantum physics is obscure and esoteric: it is far less well-known and far less understood than the realm of quantum physics. However -- and this is also true for some realms of quantum physics as well -- subquantum physics offers really attractive intersections with chaos theory, wherein chaos can "emerge" in any of several ways at the subquantum level, and this marriage of subquantum physics and chaos theory is most attractive to me on an intuitive level.

And, in light of my inclusion of some terms in my list above which include the word "scalar", I wish to point out that I also tend to have nothing against the word "scalar" except for the following factors which are all major to me at this time:
  • the term has been grossly over-used in describing phenomena, fields and signals beyond the pale of classical physics

  • the term can mean too many things; there are too many definitions for it

  • I personally feel that some of the well-known proselytizers of so-called "new science", "alternative science" and "fringe science" have managed to not only grossly overuse, but also to grossly misuse this term, to the point where it has been rendered largely meaningless to me and likely to most people.
And, again in light of some of the terms which I have included above, I have nothing against the use of the term "subtle energy" except that I feel that it has been rather overused in some quarters, and also can accidentally convey the impression that a phenomena or field under discussion may possess "energy" or "force", rather than simply being an informational or one-dimensional factor or quality.

And so, in light of all the above, I have taken it upon myself to coin a new term for such apparently non-classical phenomena -- where the term "non-classical phenomena" is used in the sense that the fields and their effects cannot be easily predicted nor conceptualized nor explained by the models and hypotheses which comprise classical physics -- in order to have a handy and brief descriptor for such fields and their effects, and I have, at least for now, chosen to call this family of fields and effects by the term "non-classical interference", aka NCI.

Over the past forty years, various researchers have developed a number of technologies and techniques to try to reduce or ameliorate NCI or its adverse effects upon people or electronic equipment. I have worked with these NCI phenomena, and with technologies designed to influence them or ameliorate their effects, and with other non-classical phenomena, for many years, since 1977. And, having a strong background in electronics engineering and physics, along with a graduate degree in the sciences, and also being a healer and an intuitive, I have for many years exhibited a natural talent or affinity for creating technologies to help to reduce or remove the harmful effects of NCI, which, for lack of a better concept, may be visualized as an undesirable type of chaotic noise which may be introduced into living systems such as people and animals, and into electronic equipment and communications systems, often causing interference to desired signals, and thus reducing the signal-to-noise ratio of the desired signals, and sometimes even obliterating or masking them entirely.

Because of my background as a healer, meditator and intuitive, which complements my formal training in engineering and the sciences, my natural tendency when focusing on this realm is to not so much concentrate on the NCI fields, but on rather, how to facilitate restoration of coherence and an improved signal-to-noise ratio in spaces, whether those spaces be the biofield of a person or animal, or the inner circuitry of a cellular telephone, radio receiver, audio system, TV or video display monitor.  So, I lean toward helping to create locally what I will call Coherent SpaceTM. Having said that, I must admit that I often employ -- when speaking with friends and fellow researchers -- an even simpler terminology, and I often tend to call these effects simply "quantum noise quieting effects", although admittedly this term is likely far more imprecise and ambiguous than the term "coherent space". Incidentally, and this is actually an important point for me, I feel that many of the technologies -- including particularly the technologies which I employ in my research and design work and in my prototype PoP devices, which facilitate the existence of coherent space -- aka quantum noise quieting effects -- and tend to remove some or all of the adverse NCI effects, are essentially anti-entropic -- also known as syntropic or negentropic -- devices because they appear to exhibit an anti-entropic or negentropic effect.

This is largely a field where any observer who is still married to the older classical models of physics found in most classical physics textbooks, and/or the older biophysical models found in most classical textbooks, would likely decide that the very existence of NCI, or adverse effects on most systems due to EMI and NCI, or the very existence of Coherent Space is likely a lot of bunk (i.e., rubbish.) And, my point of view is that these skeptics are perfectly entitled to their opinions. In any field of human inquiry, whether it be science or philosophy, there will always be those who need to be very conservative and rely only upon models and "laws" which have been accepted as part of consensus reality for hundreds of years, and there will also always be those who -- by the nature of their heart and spirit and soul -- will choose to dare to walk much closer to the fringes of the current state-of-the-art of human knowledge. With that behind us, we will talk below about "hard proof" for the existence of NCI fields, adverse effects, and also coherent space effects.

Some folks ask for "hard proof" of the existence of the NCI fields and effects, and/or for "hard proof" of the efficacy of any of the various devices and technologies on the market which purport to either ameliorate or remove some or all of the adverse NCI effects. Well, I can only speak for Coherent Space technologies with which I have worked, but I am sure that many would say that what I am about to say would apply to most of the more reputable devices and technologies available for addressing adverse NCI effects. And so, here is my own opinion on the matter of lots of "hard proof", and let's be honest and really blunt here about the following facts:
  • with just a few exceptions, most modern Western scientists, electronics engineers and healthcare specialists do not believe that there is any adverse effect from human-made EMF signals upon the biofield nor upon the body itself. To them, such claims about adverse effects due to EMF phenomena are pseudoscience or gobbledygook.
  • there are some financial incentives and related incentives for mainstream researchers, industries, healthcare organizations and politicians to continue to adhere to the traditional "no harmful effects" party line delineated above.
  • with the exception of persons with severe ES (electro-sensitivity) disorder, the adverse effects of manmade EMF appear to be rather subtle in most people, and are thus easy to deny or ignore, particularly if there are strong incentives to ignore them.
  • in my estimation, our formal sciences and technologies have not yet evolved far enough to handle easily many of the concepts needed by such phenomena.
  • because of the above-listed factor, the technologies used to explain or "treat" or ameliorate adverse effects of chaotic EMF exposure or of EMF chaotic interactions (whether upon humans, animals or upon electronic equipment) tend to be "fringe" technologies which of necessity stray into realms where phenomena and effects can really only be explained best by invoking relatively "fringe" models and theories from the realms of physics, and biophysics, namely, models and theories such as quantum noise, Gaussianity and non-Gaussianity, quantum coherence, chaos theory, stochastic resonance theory, obscure variants of General Relativity theory, braneworld theory, supersymmetry, fourth and fifth and nth dimensions, hypersurfaces, scalar EM vector perturbations, scalar EM signals, tensor eigenfunctions for inflating branes, the family of many-worlds theories of quantum mechanics.
  • at this point in time, any and all of the companies and individuals performing research in this field and/or producing devices for ameliorating effects of such EMF noise on people, animals or upon electronic circuits are very small entities, with very small budgets. And, as we all know, the vast majority of controlled studies done in mainstream modern science are expensive to conduct, and are done largely on the behalf of "deep-pocket" interests and industries. Period. Thus, there are few formal scientific studies which have been done on such devices and technologies, and even those only where someone (a private company or individual) was willing to pay a considerable amount of money for the research.
  • As a result of the above three factors, there are no mainstream and affordable instruments or devices commonly employed in the fields of physics, quantum physics, astrophysics, electronics engineering, biophysics or microbiology which can easily detect and quantify any harmful effects of EMF signals, nor are there any technologies which can easily measure (quantify) any ameliorative effects.

A Brief Guide to this Site

In recognition of the fact that visitors to this website will be spread across a very wide range of understanding, experience, familiarity, and degree of interest, this site offers the following pages and sections which may help to orient you, and which may help you to find what you may be looking for, as follows:

A Note About the Intent of this Site

A brief note as of July 20, 2006:
Due to the unexpected and very high level of interest in the latest generation of my devices using this Coherent Space technology across a wide range of potential users, we have started to produce limited quantities of these prototype PoP devices to make them available for serious experimenters and researchers. Thus, while this is not primarily a sales site, we are, at this early stage in the release of this generation of the technology, willing and able to make small quantities of these prototype PoP devices available to interested parties. Thus, if you are either a) an individual who wishes to acquire a device for personal research, personal use and evaluation, or b) a commercial researcher and development (R&D) lab or an OEM, and you are interested in procuring a device, then you will wish to see the Prototype Products page on this site.

I wish to explain up front that this is not a sales site, whether for my consulting services, my R&D work, or for PoP prototype devices, and rather, the primary intention of this site is merely to provide some information on the interesting phenomena of NCI and coherent spaces, and to offer some background and reference information on my consulting and R&D services. As such, this site is aimed primarily at experimenters (including those who may not have formal degrees but who are committed to experimenting with ways to increase levels of vitality, love and flow in life), researchers and OEMs, and will primarily be of use to such persons or entities. This is not primarily a sales site, largely because I realize that my primary mission on earth is not to produce products nor to market them. While I do have a healthy sense of respect and appreciation for those people and companies who produce and market things in life, whether they be books, websites, computers, telephones, brooms, dog food, cars, buses, airplanes, desks, lamp bulbs or health services, I happen to have a pretty good sense of my path in life, and my path is primarily that of a researcher and educator -- I see my path as primarily bringing information and options for greater health, fun and vitality to people, rather than that of producing and marketing products. I do produce at times a very small and limited quantity of Proof-of-Principle prototype devices -- sometimes entire Coherent Space devices and sometimes specialized and exotic components as the exotic antennas used in such devices -- to allow researchers, developers and OEMs to have a chance to see, feel and play with -- and to evaluate for themselves -- the performance of such devices in any of a wide variety of applications and settings, and also to play with their own tweaks and fine-tunings for such technologies. For commercial R&D entities and for OEMs, liberal licensing arrangements are readily available for the devices and for the specialized exotic components.

Please note: This material is offered solely for educational and informational purposes. Any technologies or devices mentioned on this page are experimental prototypes only, produced for the sole purposes of research and Proof of Principle evaluation by professional or individual researchers or experimenters. The reader understands that the author is not engaged in rendering health or medical advice or services.  The site owner and authors provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that people act on it at their own risk and with full knowledge that they should consult with licensed primary care medical professionals for any medical assistance they may need.  The author(s) of the material presented on this site are neither medical nor nutritional professionals.

The statements on this site about these technologies have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and/or technologies mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are ill, please contact a licensed healthcare practitioner.

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