Some Notes and Explanations About Coherent SpaceTM Technologies
and Non-Coherent Interference!

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As an introduction, allow me to warn you that this page will grow and evolve haphazardly over time, largely as inspiration and creativity strike me and as my time permits. So, at the least, before perusing this page, I would strongly recommend that you read the home page of this website, along with the page entitled An explanation of Coherent SpaceTM and non-coherent interference, aka NCI. And, I wish to warn you in advance that -- due largely to the way in which my mind and intuition work, as well as to the inherent ambiguity of any subject or phenomenon which strays into the realms of chaos theory and quantum physics -- this page may -- particularly in contrast to some of the other pages on this site, or in contrast perhaps to an article on the geology of sedimentary rocks -- seem rather chaotic (no accident), rather fuzzy and rather imprecise and also rather poorly structured or organized. And the reality is that at least 90% of that effect is deliberate, due to the nature of the subject matter we are treating herein.

First, allow me to reiterate once again, much as I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, that the Quantum Coherence devices which I offer here as research prototypes only ameliorate and cohere an incoherent and chaotic noise component present on many EMF fields or signals, and these devices do not and will not reduce the magnitude (i.e., strength) of electrical fields, magnetic fields or EMF from manmade systems (i.e., the AC power distribution grid) or manmade electrical/electronic devices. And thus, the deployment of such devices in an area will not result in a decrease in readings of E-fields (electrical fields), H or B fields (magnetic fields) or EMF fields as measured on any ambient field EMF survey meter (i.e., an electrical field meter, a magnetometer, a trifield meter, a RF signal meter, or spectrum analyzer) but rather, they are intended to remove an incoherent chaotic "noise" component at the quantum level which often rides on (i.e., accompanies) such electrical, magnetic or EMF fields from manmade sources.

Next, allow me to mention my own prejudice in this field, and that is a tendency to view the type of coherent space phenomena and devices with which I work as anti-entropic, or negentropic. You see, as I have pretty much related on other pages on this site,
because of my background as a healer, meditator and intuitive, which complements my formal training in engineering and the sciences, my natural tendency when focusing on this realm is to not so much concentrate on the NCI fields, but on rather, how to facilitate restoration of coherence and an improved signal-to-noise ratio in spaces, whether those spaces be the biofield of a person or animal, or the inner circuitry of a cellular telephone, radio receiver, audio system, TV or video display monitor. So, I lean toward helping to create locally what I will call Coherent SpaceTM.  In fact, I feel that many of technologies -- including particularly the technologies which I employ in my research and design work and in my prototype PoP devices, which promote coherent space and tend to remove some or all of the NCI effects, are essentially anti-entropic -- also known as syntropic or negentropic -- devices because they appear to exhibit an anti-entropic or negentropic effect.

Before I proceed, permit me to remind you of some of the primary markets for the type of Coherent SpaceTM which we are describing here. From my vantage point, such devices are often marketed to any and all of the following sectors:

  • people who are in very good health but who are concerned about their chronic exposure to EMF in modern society and wish therefore to employ prophylactic measures to help to ameliorate or prevent some or all of the harmful effects from such exposure, in the interests of continuing and enhancing their levels of health, well-being and vitality.
  • people who are otherwise healthy but who notice that they seem to grow fatigued when working near PCs, telecommunications equipment (including cell phones), electronic equipment such as TVs, PC monitors, FAX machines, copiers and microwave ovens, and near electrical equipment such as fluorescent lights, electric stoves and motors, or when driving a motor vehicle.
  • people with chronic fatigue, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and ES (electrical sensitivity) aka EHS (electrical hypersensitivity), since such folks tend to be overly-sensitive to environmental stressors of all types, as some devices available in this field reportedly can reduce fatigue and stress levels. Please note that for various reasons (covered elsewhere on this site, including the FAQ page) this is the one market group to which I prefer not to market my prototype devices!

  • sites such as high-end audio and video recording studios, where even a tiny improvement in equipment performance and in quality of sound or video can mean a large difference in the quality of the product

  • customizers and technicians who set up high-end home audio and home video systems

  • computer operations centers which need ultra-high reliability and uptime for their hardware and who wish to minimize "soft" glitches such as bumps or crashes due to timing bus noise or backbone noise/EMI/EMR.

Do you wish me to allow me to wax poetic for a moment? I sometimes describe these devices as strange attractors which can facilitate the emergence of a coherent quantum field in the space-time foam attendant to the local R3 Euclidean space.

The technology employed in these devices involves an exotic antenna which routes non-classical ambient vector potentials and some other non-classical noise sources through a special material and a special geometry which removes incoherent non-zero vector potentials from what I will euphemistically -- borrowing for a moment from the concepts quantum physics -- call the space-time foam. However, an active signal from an oscillator is used in many of the PoP devices which I produce in my laboratory, to further introduce a type of coherence, but then the signal, almost as soon as it has been generated, is transformed into a non-Hertzian signal which largely falls outside the definitions, rules and concepts of classical physics. The signal, along with I will reference as ambient non-classical noise signals from the environment, is also subjected to a series of treatments -- akin to filtering if you will -- inside the device by several types of a "strange attractor" material which largely has the apparent ability to remove incoherent information and even convert much of the stray "energy" left over into a coherent background or matrix. This quieting-effect or smoothing-effect or (as I like to call, admittedly imprecisely) "quantum coherence" field is then radiated by the exotic antenna in the device, to allow interface with the local environment. The field appears to be almost entirely impervious to blocking or attenuation by classical inhibitors or barriers to conventional EMF energy such as metal, magnetic shielding, electrostatic shielding, Faraday cages and massive objects such as rock or concrete walls.

Let's talk now for a moment about stochastic resonance in non-linear systems, as some authors and technical researchers have chosen to use this concept to help conceptualize and explain how these devices work, although I must point out that my own understanding is that this concept is at best, allegorical in regard to the coherent space technology with which I play. With that warning behind us, let us proceed.... The name "stochastic resonance" is given to a phenomenon that is seen primarily in non-linear systems (and bear in mind here that human bodies and almost all modern electrical and electronic devices comprise non-linear systems) whereby relatively feeble desired coherent signal information (such as a weak radio signal or a coherent signal in the nervous system) can be optimized by the concomitant presence in the system of noise or of noise-like signals. Given non-linearity and other features in a system, the response of a non-linear system is seen as entering a resonance-like state as a direct function of the injection or noise, pseudo-noise or other noise-like signals, and thus the name stochastic resonance. The resonant state is seen as providing enhancement for any other coherent signal present, such as the desired signal. However, like many of the ideas from the realms of quantum physics and chaos theory, both of which are parents to the model of stochastic resonance, this concept is a difficult one for many to stomach because it seems to be counter-intuitive. Having said that, I will add that there is a pretty good paper on stochastic resonance and signal enhancement which appeared in Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 70, No. 1, January 1998 0034-6861/98/70(1)/223(65), and available on the web in PDF file format at . You can also learn a lot more by doing a Google search on the following terms: "stochastic resonance" and "quantum physics" and "chaos".

More on the Effects of the Quantum Coherence Devices

I am often contacted by engineers who complain to me that they have procured various area treatment devices (which claim to protect users from harmful effects of EMF) from many vendors, but that their subsequent laboratory testing of such devices shows that the devices do not appear to work, because their measurements with survey meters which measure ambient electrical, magnetic and EMF fields did not show any alteration in the field strength (i.e., levels) of the fields and signals from electrosmog sources.

I hear this complaint -- often followed by a question as to whether my Quantum Coherence devices will lower the magnitude of such fields -- that I wish to offer here once again my perspective on the matter as an electronics engineer, scientist and intuitive,  as we seem here to be touching upon a matter which causes some considerable confusion for many people with ES/EHS and also for many otherwise-healthy people who are interesting in acquiring "electro-protective" devices as a prophylactic measure to ensure continued health and vitality. And, there is even some confusion (perhaps deliberate!) about this matter of "reducing EMF fields" on some (but only a few) of the websites of vendors which market these products.

I agree fully with the engineers who call me that NONE of the great many protective field effect or area treatment devices available on the market actually reduce readings of the magnitude (i.e., strength) of E-fields, H-field or B-field (magnetic field), or EMF fields on EMF survey meters (i.e., single-field meters, EMF meters, trifield meters, magnetometers, spectrum analyzers, etc.) Of course, it is true that conductive EMF shielding fabrics and metals -- or a complete Faraday cage (!!!!) -- as sold by some vendors, can indeed lower such measured field strengths greatly, but for the purposes of this discourse, we are not focusing on such passive shielding tools, but rather only on field effect or area treatment devices which claim to somehow ameliorate some or all of the harmful effects of EMF fields.

So, the reality -- much as I explain at some length elsewhere on this website (including the FAQ page) -- is that these area treatment devices do not reduce the magnitude (i.e., strength) of the actual electric (E field), magnetic (H field or B field) or EMF field itself, but rather, they claim to remove some or all of a subtle quantum-level incoherent chaotic "noise" which often rides on (i.e., is superimposed upon, or accompanies) such fields produced by manmade systems (i.e., the power grid, the landline phone grid, the cellular network grid) or devices (i.e., electrical and electronic devices, motors, etc.) Indeed, I note that a few vendors/producers of such products -- including the Quantum Products sites (i.e., and and the explanations by Dr. Srivinisan and Dr. Rubik on the Clarus websites -- in fact employ a language very similar to mine when describing the possibly-harmful subtle effects of EMF fields. So, the successful devices in this field -- that is, the ones which do succeed in part or in full in removing this harmful chaotic quantum noise from the manmade EMF -- do not actually reduce the magnitude of the electric fields, magnetic fields or EMF fields in themselves, but rather, they reduce or eliminate the incoherent chaotic quantum-level (i.e., subtle energy) noise which often "rides on" such fields from manmade systems and devices. Since this chaotic quantum-level noise often produces what I will call "perturbations" or "disturbances" in living organisms (i.e., people, cats, dogs, microbes, hapless space aliens, etc.) and in manmade electronic equipment and systems, we will -- when we use one of the better area treatment devices -- often see subtle (or even not-so-subtle) improvements in the viability, vitality and functioning of people, dogs, cats, hapless space aliens and electronic equipment when they are within the effective radius of treatment range of such a device.

And yes -- and this is where I address the assertion of some experts in the ES/EHS field that these area treatment devices also affect people directly -- if and when our bodies are within range of such protective devices (ahem... the ones which work effectively, that is...!), the devices may also have a similar cohering effect upon the quantum-level processes (i.e., subtle energies) in our bodies as well. And, this is where matters can get a bit sticky, for... if the body of a person or animal has a lot of accumulated chaotic incoherent subtle energies, along with accrued damage from exposure to such incoherent energies over many years, then, as these bodily energies are gradually cohered, the person or animal may -- from my perspective -- experience some temporary and interim cleansing symptoms, aka detoxification symptoms, such as headaches, flu symptoms, rashes, frequent urination, burning urine, increased body odor, diarrhea, etc., and at times, these temporary symptoms may become rather irritating or annoying in themselves!  Alternatively, if a person is in very poor health and very toxic, i.e., if they have been diagnosed by a healthcare practitioner as being electrosensitive (ES) or electro-hypersensitive (EHS) or as having MCS, then their body may not even be able to handle or support a detoxification/cleansing reaction when exposed to such devices, and since there are illness processes extant at very deep levels which are causing low energy and malaise and their ES or EHS symptoms are largely a symptom of this deeper disease process, then such persons may not experience significant improvement in their ES or EHS symptoms from using such area treatment devices.

Thus, we end up with the paradox that many of these protective field effect devices appear to work quite well for persons who are already in a good state of health and coherence, i.e., largely-healthy persons who exhibit only very very mild negative responses to EMF exposure, but these same devices may appear -- at first glance -- to be grossly ineffective or even harmful (i.e., due to the sudden onset of cleansing symptoms or detox symptoms) for users who have moderate to strong ES/EHS or MCS or other chronic diseases. This is, of course, due to the fact that these people in the latter group may not only have deeper underlying problems in the body/mind/spirit which tend to produce ES/EHS (or MCS, etc.) as a symptom, but due to the fact that their bodies bear much higher levels of inner toxins and incoherent fields, they may (but not always, due to factors discussed above...)  also often experience some very unpleasant temporary cleansing (detox) reactions when exposed to these devices!

And, to some degree, since none of us are perfectly healthy, and since ALL of us who live in modern society bear some degree of levels of inner toxicity and accumulated incoherent quantum-level information, due to (ingestion of) modern food and water and due to chronic lifetime exposure to manmade EMF and the chaotic fields riding upon it, almost all of us will at times experience at least brief and transient minor cleansing symptoms when first exposed to such "coherence" devices which help to ameliorate the incoherent chaotic quantum-level "noise" which accompanies most manmade EMF (and even some so-called geopathic fields from natural sources as well.)

The Technology Employed in the Coherent Space Devices

With due considerations and allowance for the proprietary and confidential nature of some of the information about the Coherence Space technology and how it works, here is a general overview of the technologies employed in the devices. Let's start by taking a look at the principles and components found in all of the Coherent Space devices:

  • a silver / Teflon / copper / glass antenna

  • exotic materials in the pathways of the electronic circuits which exhibit quantum coherence attractor effects, aka quantum smoothing effects, and exert a direct effect upon the quantum behavior of any signals, fields, or currents flowing in these circuits or impinging upon these circuits.

  • signal conditioners which convert chaotic non-classical Hertzian noise signals to smooth coherent fields in quantum space; these are often referenced as quantum coherence attractor effects or quantum smoothing effects.

  • feedback devices which feed a portion of the non-classical Hertzian noise signals to conditioning stages of the device to allow deep purification and cohering of the space-time foam. 

  • the above assemblies are, after assembly and testing/break-in, potted in a polyester resin mixture which has been doped with several special compounds which exhibit strong coherence attractor effects and negentropic (aka anti-entropic) effects. Each of these compounds is rather exotic, and one is the fruit of a complex and lengthy preparation process – most akin to processes employed in classical alchemy -- which includes several stages of bioconversion and biodigestion of some specialized starting materials. In fact, an exotic nutritional supplement composed of the same exotic alchemical compound – and which is not advertised anywhere and which is made available only to a select few – sells for $23 per capsule! I can safely state that I have never encountered a more powerful nutritional supplement anywhere in the world; I often ingest only one capsule per month at most! To briefly answer a question which has been asked by several folks who have heard of these devices, no, the polyester resin is not filled with pieces of metal or crystals, and no, it is not an “orgonite” material. 

  • after the entire device has been assembled, tested, potted and then tested again, it is then placed in a special fixture in the production laboratory where it is treated for a length of time with exotic non-classical Hertzian field – named the Peaceful Radiance treatment field – with strong coherence attractor and negentropic effects; this material treatment results in permanent changes to the quantum properties of all components of the device, increasing their negentropic and quantum coherence attractor effects.

  • this above-referenced treatment employs very strong fields, and thus, after treatment has been completed, each device is thoroughly tested again.

In addition to the above principles, treatments and components, some of the devices (particularly some of the more sophisticated devices in the Quantum Coherence line of prototypes) may also include the following technologies:
  • a sensor/converter (aka detector) consisting of a gold and glass cylinder or a silver and glass cylinder. Although the two precious metal/glass components are functionally equivalent when used in this application, it is interesting to note that the gold and glass cylinders are partially evacuated and filled with a rare gas at a low pressure, and were originally manufactured for the US military in the 1940s for use in a bizarre and exotic research project; I was able to find a depot in the USA containing the last remaining stock of these strange cylinders and purchase the remaining stock.

  • an oscillator and buffer; the components of the oscillator are batched in a quantum coherence attractor field from an exotic component in the circuit, which imparts a subtle energy effect of quantum-level coherence upon the signal.

  • a specially treated toroidal matching transformer for the antenna assembly; the transformer and its attendant circuitry contain special components which impart a coherent quantum field effect to any fields, energies and currents flowing through or impinging upon the assembly.

A Few Notes on the Construction Process and the Appearance of the PoP Prototype Devices

As noted elsewhere on this site, since these are proof-of-performance prototypes (aka proof of concept prototypes) and each unit has been carefully hand-built, rather than automated assembly-line mass-produced consumer devices, you must realize that there will be some small variance in appearance across devices within the same model, and most of the devices may bear one or more minor cosmetic blemishes due to the manual nature of the assembly process. Further, these devices bear simple waterproof printed paper labels bearing only text and no colors or logos, instead of the fancier multi-colored labels complete with images or logos often found on mass-produced consumer devices. Such is the nature of a PoP prototype device!

A Brief Guide to this Site

In recognition of the fact that visitors to this website will be spread across a very wide range of understanding, experience, familiarity, and degree of interest, this site offers the following pages and sections which may help to orient you, and which may help you to find what you may be looking for, as follows:

A Note About the Intent of this Site

A brief note as of July 20, 2006:
Due to the unexpected and very high level of interest in the latest generation of my devices using this Coherent Space technology across a wide range of potential users, we have started to produce limited quantities of these prototype PoP devices to make them available for serious experimenters and researchers. Thus, while this is not primarily a sales site, we are, at this early stage in the release of this generation of the technology, willing and able to make small quantities of these prototype PoP devices available to interested parties. Thus, if you are either a) an individual who wishes to acquire a device for personal research, personal use and evaluation, or b) a commercial researcher and development (R&D) lab or an OEM, and you are interested in procuring a device, then you will wish to see the Prototype Products page on this site.

I wish to explain up front that this is not a sales site, whether for my consulting services, my R&D work, or for PoP prototype devices, and rather, the primary intention of this site is merely to provide some information on the interesting phenomena of NCI and coherent spaces, and to offer some background and reference information on my consulting and R&D services. As such, this site is aimed primarily at experimenters (including those who may not have formal degrees but who are committed to experimenting with ways to increase levels of vitality, love and flow in life), researchers and OEMs, and will primarily be of use to such persons or entities. This is not primarily a sales site, largely because I realize that my primary mission on earth is not to produce products nor to market them. While I do have a healthy sense of respect and appreciation for those people and companies who produce and market things in life, whether they be books, websites, computers, telephones, brooms, dog food, cars, buses, airplanes, desks, lamp bulbs or health services, I happen to have a pretty good sense of my path in life, and my path is primarily that of a researcher and educator -- I see my path as primarily bringing information and options for greater health, fun and vitality to people, rather than that of producing and marketing products. I do produce at times a very small and limited quantity of Proof-of-Principle prototype devices -- sometimes entire Coherent Space devices and sometimes specialized and exotic components as the exotic antennas used in such devices -- to allow researchers, developers and OEMs to have a chance to see, feel and play with -- and to evaluate for themselves -- the performance of such devices in any of a wide variety of applications and settings, and also to play with their own tweaks and fine-tunings for such technologies. For commercial R&D entities and for OEMs, liberal licensing arrangements are readily available for the devices and for the specialized exotic components.

Please note: This material is offered solely for educational and informational purposes. Any technologies or devices mentioned on this page are experimental prototypes only, produced for the sole purposes of research and Proof of Principle evaluation by professional or individual researchers or experimenters. The reader understands that the author is not engaged in rendering health or medical advice or services.  The site owner and authors provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that people act on it at their own risk and with full knowledge that they should consult with licensed primary care medical professionals for any medical assistance they may need.  The author(s) of the material presented on this site are neither medical nor nutritional professionals.

The statements on this site about these technologies have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and/or technologies mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are ill, please contact a licensed healthcare practitioner.

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