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The intent of this page is to offer some of the feedback received from users of this latest version of my technology. All feedback is from paying research customers, i.e., individual researchers who paid for their devices; any exceptions will be noted explicitly.

Feedback Received

A Note from Rick, an Analytic Chemist
The letter below was received from an early customer who purchased the devices (three of them, to be exact) in July 2006. His name is Rick, and he is a young analytic and research chemist (working in an industrial environment) in St. Louis, Missouri, and, to my amazement, the highly positive letter from Rick below was not only entirely unsolicited but was sent by him (after receiving the first two of the three devices) to several of the email list groups which I run on health-related topics; the letter caught me very much off-guard when I first read it. Here it is:
Howdy Folks,

I was so excited to hear about Vinny's Coherent Space Restoration devices that I immediately bought the house, car, and personal prototypes. I just received the auto and personal device with the home/office space prototype to be sent later this week. As I walked into my office I noticed the UPS package from Vinny sitting there. I had not yet opened it before I started feeling the affects almost immediately. 

What I noticed, and continue to notice is, for one thing, more energy. I usually get this after lunch sluggishness to the point of almost falling asleep, especially more profound in the 100 degree heat wave we have been having this week. Well, no sluggishness today. I do have this warm tingly subtle-ish energy tingly happy feeling throughout my entire body. I was going to write to you all in couple of months about my experience with these devices. But the positive effect was so noticeable that I thought I would go ahead and write a preliminary report today. I have purchased many similar devices with various claims but never actually felt anything until now. Keep in mind that I am very healthy to start with; raw foods, and syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) Elixirs that I brew myself. The automobile device is actually small enough to fit in my pocket and not be too noticeable. So I carry both the auto and personal device around so that I can affect a wider range and make the people around me happy :).

Eventually when I get the home/office prototype I'm thinking I'll carry it around in the car. I am usually always within 300 feet of my car, whether I'm traveling in it, or parked at work, or at home, or at a friends house, or at the grocery store, or at the local bar...  I am curious to see how the device remotely effects the electronic equipment in my analytical chemistry lab, and the people around me. etc.  Ideally the best situation might be to have a home/office device at home and at the office and in the car...  Anyway, those are my current thoughts. Feel free to comment…

St. Louis, MO  USA
July 19, 2006

(End of Rick's letter. If you wish to read a copy of my response to his letter, please see the "My Story" section of the  Intent/My Story page on this site.)   

A brief postscript as of late September 2006: I have received two updates from Rick to the effect that after having used the devices for two or more months, he feels that he is still enjoying the same benefits, and that he continues to feel more and more vitality.

Some Notes from Helen in Australia
I have a report on one of my smaller passive Quantum Coherence devices (the model AUTO-21, for automobiles and small spaces) to share with you, with the permission of Helen in Australia. Helen contacted me in July 2006 and told me she had moved to a home very near a major AC powerline a few years ago, and almost immediately thereafter, had begun experiencing all kinds of adverse symptoms. After a year, she was finally able to trace them to the fact that her home was located very close to a major power line.

Before sharing her letter, I would like to state that I feel that her report of strong beneficial effects is a bit unusual. Some folks who are exposed to these devices report that they feel no effects at all, and some others simply report mild shifts such as more colorful dreams, happier dreams, noticing more and varied scents in various parts of their home, or a bit more energy. And then, some folks, including Rick, the analytic chemist whose report appears above and myself included, experience stronger reactions. Helen, whose report appears below, falls in this latter group, which I feel accounts for only about 15% to 25% of users of such devices.

Anyway, back to her letters! In part, she had written the following to me at the time of our first contact:

The past few years has seen the universe sending me on a merry dance around EMR's. First I buy a house... but don't notice the powerlines are very close, nor of their possible harmful effects. Over the next few years I experience all kinds of unexplainable health problems....

...In my 2nd year, I brought home a gauss meter and everything started to fall into place. My home interior ranges from 6mG to 15mG, usually averaging 12mG.

As shielding is almost impossible, I have been using only a grounding sheet on my bed which has really become my saviour for the past year, at least while sleeping. My body no longer vibrates, heats up and sends me into a shock, but I can't be in the house for too long unless I sit on the bed.

Firstly, my needs are to find something to protect myself from the powerlines (50/60 Hz) while at home and secondly, to help bring forth something that actually does work by using myself as the guinea-pig. I have tried a few "devices" on the market & if I unplug my grounding sheet (staked with a copper rod in the earth), they do nothing to stop the vibrating etc.

I have read right through the NCI website & would like to consider the purchase of a CS Device for Individual Biofields PoP Model IND-14 if you think it would be suited to my intended use.


I replied to her that frankly, if I were in her shoes, I would not bother to purchase any protective device, but rather, I would move immediately from that house! She responded that moving was impossible, and that she wished to purchase one of my QC devices. Given the severity of her exposure, I felt that a larger passive device such as the SHO-05 or a powered QC device such as the HO-09 would be best for her to try. Due to budget concerns, she chose to purchase one of the automobile/small area passive QC devices (the model AUTO-21, which has a radius for strongest effects of about 15 to 18 feet) instead. About 6 weeks after she had received the device, I received this most interesting report from her, which I share with her permission, below:

Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 20:38:31 +1000
From: Helen
To: Vinny Pinto
Subject: My coherent space device - 1 month report

Dear Vinny, (& to whomever else you wish to share this info with)

I have had my car size coherent space device for one month now. I feel this is adequate time for an initial evaluation.

For a bit of background info,
I had become ES sensitive due to some funny powerline wiring outside my home. It only affects my house and my next door neighbour. We get an average reading of around 12milliguass throughout the house and yard with no escape areas. I began getting symptoms after about 6 months of living here, gradually getting more & more sensitive to electricity with the symptoms getting worse with time until I discovered the problem, quite by accident. But we know, there are no accidents!

It is quite funny, but my joint pain, which could be quite agonising in the hands and wrists, disappeared as you put the device in the post. I had not yet received it and the pain went. It has not returned and it had been bothering me for a couple of years and I did not seem to be able to shake the pain no matter what diet, exercise or stuff I did. (Like you, I have studied under Dr. John Ray for a time)

So, I am pain free! When the device arrived, I noted that I began sneezing. You know, just like when you go out and sungaze, sometimes a sneeze or two happens. Then I noted other people in close proximity to me also had a sneeze or two. When my husband came home in the evening, he started sneezing, so I asked him if he had been sneezing at all during the day and he said "no, why?". Yes, I think it is the device.

I did get a flu type thingy, a week and a half into having the device which seemed to linger on. Then I saw your post about cleansing type reactions and I figure this may be what I was experiencing because I rarely get colds or flu's.

Energywise, well wow! I can get out of bed without being fatigued and I am actually out before 8am now, something I just could not do before. I am sleeping extremely well, although I still have my grounding sheet on the bed (this has been my life saver), but as I am getting stronger and stronger inside, soon I will test it with the grounding sheet disconnected. Usually this makes my body vibrate and wakes me up in distress. I feel like I can work all day and night now and I still have the energy to do so, I am not falling in a heap any more and the emotional turmoil has settled.

I carry my little black box with me everywhere I go and sleep with it under the pillow. My husband commented after the first night that he had the best nights sleep in ages too.

As far as I am concerned, the device works!! It more than achieves what it was meant to, and it has been blessing to my well-being. Vinny, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, I am SO GRATEFUL!!!!

The only thing that I have not regained yet, is the memory loss factor. Although my memory is heaps better, after 3 years of tertiary studies, I can't remember a lot of what I did. Oh well??? But I can type now without being so dyslexic on the keyboard; the letters sometimes came out in a jumble even when I was positive I put them in right.
Cheers for now, you should be very proud of what have achieved with these devices, they are magnificent.

Blessings, Helen, Australia

My own response is that I am glad that the device helped her, and I hope that her energy levels continue to improve. Again, I would like to stress that I personally feel that these strong results only seem to occur for about 15% to 25% of the users of these devices (myself included among the strong responders, despite the fact that I had never even known that I might be electrosensitive, but my energy levels improved over three-fold from using the devices here in my home and laboratory.) A follow-up note from Helen one month after the first report indicates that she feels that the benefits continue to accrue.

More from Helen in Australia

Received May 2007:

Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 21:35:35 +1000
From: Helen

Forwarding this message
[below] from my friend Karen who purchased a coherent space device after she learnt that my brain coherency was returned with the use of this device.

We both have EMR's coming into the home from power lines. Karen wrote this sometime ago, but recently we were chatting and were still both quite amazed at the difference it has made to our minds that before seemed to be foggy / scrambled / forgetful and not able to think coherently.

You are amazing Vinny, in what you have managed to create!

Kind Regards,


Forwarded email from Karen:

Hi Girls,

Just thought you may be interested on happenings since we got the famous black box that sorts out EMFs...

1. Both hubby and I feel the air is different (clearer? fresher?).

2. Hubby has had lots of sneezing attacks.

3. We have both had vivid dreams each night.

4. I certainly wake up feeling refreshed (I haven't felt that since forever) - In fact the first morning I woke up at 5.10am feeling refreshed!!!!  And hubby did too and actually walked around Albert Park lake then (OK that was hubby and not me as I thought I should rest but I didn't go back to sleep).

5. I had been asking/begging hubby to get a couple of things done in the last couple of months that finally got completed - they took less than an hour in total but he hadn't been able to face it before that.

6. There has been a lot less friction between us (better sleep? less stresses electromagnetically?).

7. We went to bed 2 nights ago and were commenting on the changes and I said "well it has to be the black box" and just at that instant the closed bedroom door opened - spooky.

So I am extremely happy with the purchase (thanks Helen) - I hope you are too Marlene.

Yours in the "heeby geeby" world,


My reply:

Dear Helen:

Thanks much for your kind words. Yes, I have received many reports of increased "brain coherency" from folks who use the Coherent Space Quantum Coherence devices, and I have also received a number of reports from folks who have told me that when using the QC devices, they also find it much easier to enter a state of psychophysiological heart coherence as evidenced in coherent HRV rhythms, and which effect some of them (myself as well) have witnessed first-hand using heart coherence biofeedback devices such as the Heartmath emWave® Desktop (formerly called emWave PC or the Freeze-Framer®; I own one myself, and was a beta tester for this technology years ago.)

P.S. I only just noticed the addendum which you had included below the main body of your email; it looks like a forwarded copy of a note which your friend Karen (who also owns a QC device) had sent to you and some of your friends! Thanks! I enjoyed reading her report as well! Fun! :-)

BTW, if anyone is interested in the Heartmath emWave Desktop (previously known as emWave PC or the Freeze Framer), you can learn more about the biofeedback tool (it also includes games) -- which I recommend VERY HIGHLY -- at:

with care,

My Own Experience with the Quantum Coherence Devices
As a trained scientist and engineer, and also an intuitive, I have been playing with testing and creating such devices in my lab since the mid-1970's. I have never played with them because I considered myself particularly ES, but rather simply because my inner guidance from Holy Spirit and my angels asked me to do so at times. And, at the time Holy Spirit and my angels nudged me to go back into my lab and develop this latest generation of devices in April, May and early June of 2006, I already considered myself quite healthy and certainly would never have considered myself to be ES (electrosensitive.) Rather, I did the R&D work as asked simply because Holy Spirit had asked me to (and all the activities in my life, including what I eat and what prices I charge for devices, are based on guidance from Holy Spirit), and also because I have always assumed (since the early 1970s) that ALL humans and animals likely suffer some mild adverse health/energy effects -- both short-term and chronic -- from chronic exposure to the electrosmog which is a byproduct of modern civilization, even though the vast majority of us (myself included) would never experience adverse effects so strong to ever be labeled as ES.

In my case, once I had completed the final version of my Coherent Space device, turned it on in my home, and left it running 24 hours per day, I noticed, very much to my surprise, that I had roughly three times as much usable energy each day, and a somewhat reduced need for sleep and naps; I also experienced a greater sense of inner well-being and vitality -- this has persisted for the five months that I have been using the devices. Such a strong benefit was entirely unexpected, and I was quite surprised. In fact, even though I experienced some rather unexpected strong benefits from the devices, I would never label myself as an ES sufferer.

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