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Please note that any calls or emails for any consulting purposes must be prepaid. 

If you wish to order any prototype devices, we request that you contact me first to determine prototype availability, permission to order, and exact amount of S/H, prior to placing any order or sending any payments.

A Brief Guide to this Site

In recognition of the fact that visitors to this website will be spread across a very wide range of understanding, experience, familiarity, and degree of interest, this site offers the following pages and sections which may help to orient you, and which may help you to find what you may be looking for, as follows:

A Caveat About the Intent of this Site

A brief note as of July 20, 2006: Due to the unexpected and very high level of interest in the latest generation of my devices using this Coherent Space technology across a wide range of potential users, we have started to produce limited quantities of these prototype PoP devices to make them available for serious experimenters and researchers. Thus, while this is not primarily a sales site, we are, at this early stage in the release of this generation of the technology, willing and able to make small quantities of these prototype PoP devices available to interested parties. Thus, if you are either a) an individual who wishes to acquire a device for personal research, personal use and evaluation, or b) a commercial researcher and development (R&D) lab or an OEM, and you are interested in procuring a device, then you will wish to see the Prototype Products page on this site.

As a prefatory note to all readers, I wish to explain up front that this is not a sales site, whether for my consulting services, my R&D work, or for PoP prototype devices, and rather, the primary intention of this site is merely to provide a bit of information on the interesting phenomena of NCI and coherent spaces, and to offer some background and reference information on my consulting and R&D services. As such, this site is aimed primarily at researchers and OEMs, and will primarily be of use to such entities and persons. I wish to stress again that this is not a sales site, and I am not here on earth to produce products nor to market them. While I do have a healthy sense of respect and appreciation for those people and companies who produce things in life, whether they be books, websites, computers, telephones, brooms, dog food, cars, buses, airplanes, tables or health services, I happen to be have a pretty good sense of my path in life, and my path is primarily that of a researcher and educator -- I see my path as primarily bringing information and options for greater health, fun and vitality to people, rather than that of producing and marketing products. I do produce at times a very small and limited quantity of Proof-of-Principle prototype devices -- sometimes entire Coherent Space devices and sometimes specialized and exotic components as the exotic antennas used in such devices -- to allow researchers, developers and OEMs to have a chance to see, feel and play with -- and to evaluate for themselves -- the performance of such devices in any of a wide variety of applications and settings, and also to play with their own tweaks and fine-tunings for such technologies. For commercial R&D entities and for OEMs, liberal licensing arrangements are readily available for the devices and for the specialized exotic components.

Commonsense notice about any statements regarding possible effects of the devices or technologies on health which may be found anywhere on this website: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and/or technologies mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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