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Gamma Effect Conditioned Space Devices

These are specialized devices, primarily employed in commercial, agricultural or industrial settings to assist with the brewing of any of several kinds of beneficial microbes, including 
syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) and PNSB. While each of them does exhibit at least a very mild quantum coherence field effect for a limited range, that is not their primary purpose nor intent, and instead, these devices are intended -- for optimal results -- to be operated in conjunction with one of our Quantum Coherence devices (above) which will be treating the same area or space.
Gamma Effect Conditioned Space Device
Basic treatment module in this device uses only naturally-occurring and ambient environmental energies and does not require batteries.
PoP Prototype Model GECSD-02
  *** This product has been discontinued, as of mid-2011 ***

This is a special-purpose device, intended largely for specialized commercial and industrial settings.
The device seems to exhibit some of the quantum coherence or space coherence effects noted with the Coherent Space devices listed above, but primarily creates a field effect which seems to encourage optimal growth and proliferation of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (aka SAM), and particularly PNSB (purple non-sulfur bacteria; SAM type 3-subtype 4) and all SAM Type 4 microbial consortia, particularly in anaerobic fermentation mode, when microbial fermentation is carried out within a 34 foot treatment radius (i.e., the range of moderately strong effect) of the device. Usually installed as an ancillary component to a Coherent Space Quantum Coherence device, as the quantum noise-quieting provided by the Quantum Coherence device will, in effect, lay a groundwork or foundational effect, allowing the Gamma Effect device to function far more optimally.

This is a passive device, meaning that it is not powered by any batteries or AC power.

In addition to above-listed effects, the device also seems -- in certain settings -- to inhibit the growth of oxidative decay and putrefactive microbes, and, as noted, seems in some settings to encourage growth of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes. The use of the device during brewing also seems to increase potency, hardiness and shelf life of many beneficial microbial culture consortia (including PNSB and SAM Type 4 consortia) -- which have been brewed and/or stored within the range of the field effect -- such as those used for human nutritional purposes or for treating industrial, agricultural or municipal waste.

The particular effect, which I call a "gamma effect", appears to be a unique and special-case type of coherence effect which primarily seems to effect beneficial microbes (and also perhaps to inhibit some undesirable microbes). However, it must be realized that most of the other effects (i.e., much of the NCI-quieting or quantum quieting effect) offered by the Coherent Space device are less pronounced with this device. Thus, it remains a highly-specialized device, for certain specialized applications, and when used, will often be employed in conjunction with simultaneous treatment by a Coherent Space quantum quieting device.

This is very much a special-purpose device, largely intended for use in certain specialized commercial and industrial settings. Radius of moderately strong treatment effect is about 34 feet; field effect is entirely omnidirectional. And, as is true of the other devices listed on this site, within its treatment radius, the effect does not seem to be shielded by walls, metal, stone, etc. and rather seems to be all-pervasive.

All critical components are sealed in a specially-treated epoxy potting compound in a hardy black plastic case, usually about 5" x 3" x 3", although exact size will vary across prototypes.

Device is usually installed on or very near to the surface of a vat or tank or hotbox used for fermentation of beneficial syntropic microbes.

Device components, including signal conditioners, exotic silver / Teflon / copper / glass antenna and special negentropic compounds, have been potted in a proprietary polyester resin which contains several exotic compounds, one of which has been produced by a complex alchemical and biogenic digestion process. Entire device has been treated after production with a special Peaceful Radiance treatment field. Any and all effects of the device should be relatively permanent, and properties will last for at least 30 years.

Price: $600  plus S/H. S/H: $30 for domestic mainland US, UPS Ground or Fedex Ground Shipping only. OEMs: please contact us for pricing, terms and availability, and for info on full technology disclosure. *** This product has been discontinued, as of mid-2011 ***

gamma device (Bantam chicks not included) (quarter shown as size indicator only)

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